rsgb-logo-colour-high-resAre you ready to become a radio amateur?

If so, we can teach and guide you through the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced stages.  Amateur Radio Licenses are now obtained by following a progressive system of evaluation comprising the Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced Radio Communications courses and examinations.  You can’t skip a stage, even if you have previous relevant experience.  Each course includes some electronic and radio theory, operating and practical skills.

Please contact the club for latest course dates and costs. In summary, the successful completion of each successive stage, allows the following:

  • Foundation: you can use 10W transmit power on all modes, on most bands.
  • Intermediate: increases your transmit power to 50W and gives you access to all bands.
  • Advanced: this is the ‘Full License’ and allows you to use up to 400W and gives you other privileges.

The Northumbria Amateur Radio Club is an RSGB recommended and approved training centre.  There’s more information on their website here.

NEW Training courses for 2019

We are  starting a new training course for the Foundation license starting on Tuesday 18th June and the Intermediate License Course to be announced .

Please get in touch if you’d like to put your name down…details are on the ‘Contact’ page of this website.