The Northumbria Amateur Radio Club, GX4AAX, was originally formed in 1969 and welcomes enthusiasts from all over the county and beyond.

We’re located in the Old Telephone Exchange in Ellington Village, and meet every Thursday at 7pm.  Our full address, with postcode for your SatNav, is on our contact page.

Initially the club moved around a lot, as suitable locations were hard to find.  The current building was purchased by the club, so we could create a permanent location to allow the erection of decent aerials and a ‘home’ for the Northumbria Amateur Radio Club.

GX4AAXHere’s a picture from the Northumberland Gazette, it shows L-R, Gordon Emmerson, Stan Reveley (sadly SK), David Stansfield and Michael Smith.

This picture was of course taken completely at random, no preparation or posing for the camera had been arranged 😉

There are a wide variety of interests among club members.  Some like experimenting with VHF and UHF equipment, propagation and aerials.  Others enjoy HF operating and home construction of valved and solid state equipment.  We also have members who found amateur radio through CB…and they still enjoy both.

The Northumbria Amateur Radio Club, GX4AAX, also provides training and expertise for those looking to join the world of amateur radio, or those ready to upgrade their license classification.