Welcome to the Northumbria Amateur Radio Club, callsign GX4AAX.

The main photo on our website shows a few of the members who happened to be present when it was picture time…there were a couple who are camera shy 😉

Yaesu FT-990 HF Transceiver
Yaesu FT-990 HF Transceiver

The club is fully operational on the HF and VHF bands, with an impressive array of rotatable and fixed aerials. Thankfully the club is in a fairly interference free location, so you can hear and work the weak stations. Please note: we don’t keep any equipment on-site at the club, for obvious reasons. Radios are brought to and from the club on club nights…or you can bring your own.

If you’re an existing Radio Amateur, or are interested in becoming one, why not come along to the Northumbria Amateur Radio Club. With over 40 paid up members, there’s a wide range of expertise and interests.

At the moment, we’re looking to grow the club to 60 members. We’ve an offer on right now…so you only pay £10 (yes, only ten pounds ) for a year’s membership. In addition to that, there is a meeting fee of just a pound each time you come. This covers tea, coffee and the other running costs of the club.